Legacy Application Updates and Modernisation Services

Upgrades or support for existing applications

It is often the case that companies have existing systems, applications, Microsoft Access databases or even Excel spreadsheets already in place for many processes which over time, have become unsuitable or unmanageable.

In cases like this, the business has often become reliant on software that is under-performing, no longer supported or even out-of-date and surpassed by newer technologies. This can cause inefficiencies within the business and frustration amongst staff!

Business find critical systems, applications or spreadsheets that are distributed throughout the business and painful to manage. This can result in unnecessary risk to business processes.

Planning 1

We can help!

Our Business Analysis experience alongside technical expertise can establish the best approach to get your business software running efficiently again.

This can involve many options such as new processes and applications or to maintain existing systems but simply coordinate them in a business-appropriate manner.


Case Study

Microsoft Access and Excel "Hell" 

The customer had pre-existing, legacy Microsoft Access databases with user interface forms running alongside Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets which their buisness processes relied upon.

These processes were not efficient and end users were frustrated and nervous about using these Access and Excel systems.



Bliss-Systems carried out workshops to analyse the data and business processes. This included speaking with staff and key stakeholders to understand the needs and wants before moving forwards to design a new system.

The replacement system not only imrpoved staff efficiency but also allowed for increased MI reporting.

Technologies used: Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server.

Roles: Technical and Business Analysis, Software Development, Support.

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