The world’s top organizations are powered by .NET


Technical Skills

The teams at Bliss-Systems have extensive experience across, not only the Microsoft technology stack, but also many complimentary technologies allowing us to design and build powerful applications and business solutions.

Much of this is based on Microsoft, who state that “The world’s top organizations are powered by .NET and trust Microsoft to make .NET the best choice in the industry for their mission critical software.”

Bliss-Systems’ use of .NET along with our expertise in software development enable us to provide the best in software applications for your business.


.NET Core (and previously, Framework) is the Microsoft platform for software engineers to create web applications, back-end APIs, and cloud services.


The programming language from Microsoft running on .NET and used by Bliss-Systems to deliver sophisticated business applications.

HTML | JavaScript | CSS

The standard tools for web application user interfaces. We use these and many other plug-ins to create rich application interfaces.


Bliss-Systems use this framework for building interactive client-side web-application interfaces in .NET and C#.


Based on Blazor, MAUI allows use to create powerful native mobile applications using .NET and C#.


The combination of Development and Operations, Bliss-Systems uses tools including Microsoft DevOps and GitLab for managing the software development process.

Our philosophy

We base our skill-set around the Microsoft stack for application development for Web, mobile, or cloud. This involves keeping on top of the latest versions of languages, frameworks and libraries but also being mindful of making sure any technology we implement is going to be justified and correct for the solution we’re providing. Not just because it is the latest new toy in the box! This approach has ensured the solutions we provide are balanced in terms of appropriate, modern technology but are also supported longer term.

Our ongoing support and improvement processes then ensure we keep your solutions up to date with the latest versions and updates to frameworks used.


Used by Bliss-Systems, this powerful JavaScript implementation of MVVM allows us to create rich, responsive UI features.


The Open-Source framework enables us to create responsive, high-performant, and real-time elements within applications.


Bliss-Systems utilises this powerful and efficient JavaScript library for delivering high-performant user interfaces.


This high-level, general purpose programming language has a place within Bliss-Systems for specific applications.


Bliss-Systems utilises and has extensive experience with this version control system in the management of software development projects.


Infrastructure as code used by Bliss-Systems for building, controlling and versioning cloud resources.

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