Microsoft SQL Server Consultants

SQL Server enables you to build intelligent, mission-critical applications using a scalable, hybrid database platform that has everything built in—from in-memory performance and advanced security to in-database analytics.
Our expertise in SQL Server deals with all aspects from database administration (DBA) through to the design of databases, tables and database T-SQL in building applications.
We offer many packaged services to assist with managing SQL Server and its associated databases as well as bespoke consultancy options to assist your in-house DBA teams.

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Packaged Service Offerings

In addition to consultancy as and when required, our Packaged Services provide defined deliverables so you know exactly what to expect.


SQL Server: End of Life (EOL) Planning

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has ended and 2008 will cease in 2019. We can assist in moving to a more up to date platform and not leaving your systems open to risks.


SQL Server: Health Check

Our comprehensive SQL Server Health Checks provide a detailed report on how fit for purpose your current estate is, identifying areas for improvement or opportunities for consolidation in technical or financial terms.

SQL Server: Server Migration

Migration involves moving from a previous implementation of SQL Server to a new version or platform. This can be advantageous for extensibility, support or licencing reasons.


SQL Server: Performance Review

Without in-house DBA expertise, it can be almost impossible to identify or resolve performance issues. We can help to ensure your systems are running at optimum performance.

SQL Server: Upgrade

Upgrading is the process of replacing older SQL Server instances with up to date versions. This can offer huge benefits in performance and help reduce risks and 'technical debt'.

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