Ongoing dedicated support for existing solutions

Our team is on hand to offer dedicated support across all of your systems and services.

Flexible support packages include Service Level Agreements, access to our support ticketing and tracking system, email and telephone support, regular system health checks and conversion of unused support time into system enhancements.

As part of your support package, you’ll benefit from plenty of advice and guidance. And we’ll plan ahead on your behalf for strategic updates and technical enhancements.

We’ll take care of all your routine maintenance, updates and security patching plus periodically checking your systems are performing to an optimum level.

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Standard Agreements

We have a range of standard Support Level Agreements (SLA) for ensuring the continued operation and support of your system.

We’ll discuss the complexity of the system, the number of users, the impact of any system downtime and establish which SLA best suits you and your organisation.

Call-off Agreements

Some of our clients prefer to enter a call-off contract using "Resource Unit" to allow for certainty of long-term ongoing support. We’ll discuss your support needs and pull together a clear, concise agreement.


Customised Agreements

If our standard packages do not suit your needs, we can produce a tailored support package specific to your business or application.

Extended Hours and 24/7 Agreements

We can also offer extended out-of-hours or 24/7 type agreements should your position require this. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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